Friday, September 14, 2012

Sol Duc Hot Springs

Day 10 - Sol Duc Hot Springs

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It wasn't nearly as cold our second night at Heart of the Hills campground. It was a balmy 48 degrees when we woke.

We enjoyed another morning of sitting around the fire with our coffee. We made bacon and eggs with a WA peach for breakfast!

After clean-up we hit the road for Sol Duc Hot Springs. The ride along Lake Crescent made me think of Lake Tahoe. A mountain lake of deep blue and emerald green hues. Gorgeous.

We left Solo in the tent with his water bowl and Aero bed to himself. After a lengthy road construction delay, we found our way to the hot springs, 45 miles or do into the park. The hot shower after a pleasant soak in the mineral pool was equally delightful.

We had a picnic with our Vancouver goodies from the Italian shop, accompanied by super cold Coors before heading back to rescue Solo from the imaginary bears and cougars at the campsite.

Enroute to the campground, we finally finished our 60-hour audio-book. Stephen King weaves a great web, but his endings somewhat disappoint.

Solo was happy to see us but seemed to be completely content to spend an afternoon in the big bed in our tent.

We all went prowling for firewood and enjoyed cocktail hour as we prepared our dinner. With onions and potatoes in the fire, we prepared steak, broccoli, salad and last-minute campfire bread. Delish!

We have the clean-up down to a science, and the perfect campfire for a nightcap. Solo had enough, and walked over to the tent door to communicate his desire to go to bed. Cutest dog ever!

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