Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moving On from an Unforgettable Bad Vibe

Day 16 - Moving On from an Unforgettable Bad Vibe

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crawling out of the tent at the crack of dawn, and greeted by the muted hues of sunrise over the lake was a spectacular sight.

We lingered over coffee and a campfire, talked to Will at college, and made omelets with our leftover asparagus and Tillamook cheese.

Still wigged-out with the campground, we were hesitant to take showers, but ended up doing just that after we broke down camp.

The shower felt good despite the unkept facility, which left us raving about and missing the world class campgrounds in Oregon.

Back on the road, with the odometer at 4,570, we headed into civilization. The first call of duty was getting Solo a bath. Second mission: In N Out Burger for lunch. Third errand: get the oil changed.

I even got a little Marin County shopping in!

We dropped in on Peggy. The door was open, but no one was home. Julie and Renee were expecting us around 5pm for dinner, so we made our way to San Rafael.

The twins were simply delightful as the moms tried to get some dinner in their little bellies. We had a nice visit before Peggy and Sala arrived.

We all sat around the living room for a couple of hours. The twins went to bed and Peggy left shortly thereafter. Julie and Renee got a nice meal of pasta and salad on the table.

Still troubled by our camping experience, the conversation turned to Ukiah and the CA natives told us of the vast amounts of weed and meth produced in the northern part if the state.

We said a fond farewell around 9pm and drove to our Sheridan Hotel in Petaluna. Ahhh! It was a nice bed!

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