Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meth Town Campground

Day 15 - Meth Town Campground

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A beautiful but pesky variety of blue birds infiltrated our morning camp. Solo did not like the invaders at all. A fellow camper told us of a nearby owl's nest, which probably was attracting the hungry birds.

Breakfast by the fireside was pleasant, despite the pests. We were back on 101S just before 9am with the odometer at 4251.

The sands dunes were fascinating as we worked our way further down the OR coast.

Natural beauty enveloped us, and the marine haze gave way to blue skies as we neared the CA border.

We stopped at an amazing store, Fred Meyer's in Brookings, OR for groceries and camping supplies just before the checkpoint at the border.

There was an inspections agent asking what sort of fruit we were carrying across the state line. A little bizarre we thought, but our grapes and WA peaches were okay.

We stopped at a bar-b-que joint in Eureka, CA and continued to thoroughly enjoy the ride on Redwood Highway.

Northern California was equally beautiful, with dark corridors of redwood tree tunnels every once and a while.

As the landscape changed to vast rolling hills, we found our way to a campsite in Ukiah, Lake Mendocino. It was our first waterscape camping, and also our first creepy feeling camping.

The first campground was unacceptable so we drove through the scary little town to find the second camp. Although a beautiful setting, Kyen Park left us uneasy.

We made the most of it and had our OR Coho salmon on the grill with a nice bottle of wine and a lakeside campfire.


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  1. I love Fred Meyer!!! Seriously, went there ALL the time when I was in Portland. Also, LOL at Solo and the birds!