Saturday, September 22, 2012

Central to Southern California

Day 18 - Central to Southern California

Friday, September 21, 2012

Every dog has his day, and today is Solo's day. He didn't seem to mind sleeping in the car and was quite perky on his morning walk.

After an amazing "rock shower" in our funky room at Madonna Inn, we headed down 101S for the town of Buellton. Our starting mileage for the day was 5,024. Two accidents delayed our breakfast at Ellen's Danish Pancakes, but it was worth the trip.

We then drove to the cute little Danish town of Solvang for a stroll before going to Arroyo Burro dog beach in Santa Barbara.

Solo was in dog heaven with the frisbee, loads of playmates and a cool Pacific swim.

It was close to 2pm when we found ourselves in the thick of Los Angeles Friday afternoon traffic. It was simply miserable, and took close to three hours to get out of greater LA.

Just after Orange County, the road opened up and we found ourselves oceanside once again.

Chris and Audrey were waiting at home in Carlsbad for our arrival. We were greeted by three large and exuberant Goldens, Reina, Zed and Cali and a little darling, Hunter. Solo made five.

It was great to meet Audrey and see Chris again. We went for a group dog walk, with wine in hand, before heading out for a Mexican dinner in town.

Back at the house, we had a deluxe guest suite and fell quickly asleep.

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