Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chocolate Bacon Cake

Day 2

Streetsboro, Gary, Chicago, Madison, Menomonie

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Feeling rested and refreshed, we pulled out of our roadside hotel at 8am with the gas gauge on empty. Ten miles up I-80 we refueled and Will picked up some breakfast to go. The morning fog made way for clear blue skies and a bright sun within the first hour.

With so many friends and family in Chicago, it was a difficult decision and a momentous exercise in discipline to drive through the city with one quick exit off of the Interstate for Portillo's drive-thru Italian beef sandwiches for lunch. Best lunch ever though!

Dodging lots of construction and an abundance of inconsiderate truck drivers on I-90/94, we pulled off in Memominee, WI at 6pm with the odometer at 1403!

Bill inquired about a local supper club and we were off to picturesque Jake's on the green river.
Walleyed Pike and chocolate bacon cake was on the menu! Love Wisconsin! Will does, too. Under age patrons can drink beer if accompanied by their parents.

Bacon Lover's Delight in WI

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