Friday, September 28, 2012

Coming Down from our High

Day 24 - Coming Down from our High

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughts of bears crawling in our open window troubled me occasionally during the night. Although both Bill and I managed to get a better sleep on our second night in high altitude.

We were up and out before 7am. After a brief stop at the condo to leave our firewood for Jim and Ally, we were on our way with the mileage at 6,578.

It was a little scary through some of the mountain passes in the rain clouds. The temp was hovering around freezing. There was beauty around every bend once we broke out of the clouds.

We stopped for breakfast in Salida, and continued on the two-lane mountain road along the Arkansas River to Colorado Springs.

Once we hit Interstate 70, I took to the wheel. With the cruise control set at 79 mph (75 mph speed limit) I drove for about four hours on a pleasantly wide open road.

We pulled off in Salina, KS around 5:30 pm CST. Yelp directed us to the Hickory Pit for some tasty barbecue.

There was a minor mix-up at the hotel, and they advised that Solo had to sleep in the car. Shortly thereafter, the hotel staff apologized to us, and permitted him to stay in our room.

He was on our bed most of the night:)

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