Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Business in Albuquerque

Day 21 - Business in Albuquerque

Carlsbad, Mojave Base, Needles, Albuquerque

Monday, September 24, 2012

Once we plugged in our laptops, we knew it would be a lazy morning. Free wi-fi and a big keyboard made for a productive morning.

After breakfast at the hotel, we settled in the room and got some planning tasks completed for Mom's memorial. We decided to extend our stay in Albuquerque one more night.

Feeling very accomplished, we headed out to pick up a couple of essential items at the nearby Target, a beard trimmer and hair detangler!

For lunch, we took our camp grill and leftover pizza to the park and played frisbee with Solo. The pizza was even delicious the next day, warmed on the grill!

Off to historic Old Town with the pooch for some sight-seeing and browsing. Albuquerque is quite the dog-friendly town. Solo was welcomed in all the shops.

We drove to Nob Hill and bought some t-shirts for Will at Urban Outfitters. Without delay, they were in the mail to TESC before heading back to the car.

Cocktail hour sure rolls around quickly! We had a drink in our room before walking over to a Yelp recommended dinner joint, The Owl.

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