Friday, September 21, 2012

A Magical Day All Around

Day 17 - A Magical Day All Around

Big Sur, San Luis Obispo

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Sheridan Petaluma was a nice break. It was fun watching all the race car drivers organizing in the lobby. Apparently, there was to be a big race at the Sonoma track later in the day.

We stopped at Marine Bean for a latte and muffin to share, and started back on the Redwood Highway with the morning mileage at 4,741.

There was more traffic than we anticipated heading into San Francisco, but we were on the Golden Gate Bridge pretty quickly out of Marin.

We drove Highway 1 to Carmel and window shopped with Solo before going to Clint's Hog's Breath Inn for lunch. Solo just laid at our feet on the patio while diners spoke fondly of the pets they left at home.

Back on Highway 1, we enjoyed the agricultural sights, and marveled over the inexpensive prices of avocados and artichokes along the way.

Then, we were utterly captivated by hours of the most breathtaking, but tedious driving of the trip.

It was a severe clear day and Big Sur was even more spectacular than we remembered. The pass was a crowded stretch with motorcycles, convertibles, campers and thrill seekers abound.

We arrived in San Luis Obispo just before 5pm. Our "Rocky Mountain" room at the Madonna Inn was whimsy and magical, just like the rest of the hotel.

The hotel was not pet friendly, so we decided to leave Solo in the car for the first time ever. He was comfy with pillows and a perfect CA temperature.

We had martinis at the bar before dinner in the wacky dining room. It was a fun night.

We walked Solo around the beautiful grounds before we took to our bed. Life is good!

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