Monday, September 10, 2012

North Vancouver

Day 7

Pikorua necklace
We decided to extend our stay in Vancouver for one more day. After the best night's sleep, I was up and moving early. I cleaned out some of our camping foodstuff from the car, grabbed the laundry supplies and proceeded to throw in a couple of loads of clothes.

Another yummy breakfast and we were off on our day. Back on the #14 bus to the harbor, the sun-lightened-seedy-underbelly of East Hastings Street didn't seem as dramatic. We transferred to the sea bus for North Vancouver.

After the quick ferry ride, we strolled and shopped a bit. I found a pikorua necklace made from BC jade to remind me of Jim and Ally.

Back in downtown Vancouver we walked a couple of blocks and stumbled upon a terrific place: Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant, and enjoyed dim sum for lunch.

The boys went for a seaplane flight and I found a hair salon. Win-win for all! Together again in a couple of hours, we enjoyed a quick stop in a pub, with Will excited to be legally drinking at the bar. Back on the bus, Angel, some crazy, toothless bum entertained our rear corner with card tricks. We love the scene on public transportation!

Some wine and goodies purchased from the Italian shop across the street will suffice for our last night's dinner in Vancouver.

View from the sea bus

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