Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tours and Amboise


Back on the TGV, we had a couple hours to relax in silence. For a lazy river cruise, this trip has been fast paced and strenuous. And to think that Bill and I are among the youngest! 

We arrived in the medieval town of Tours, in the Loire Valley, at noon. The buses were waiting at the train station for the group. In the city center, we walked the cobblestone roads for an orientation of the old town and then were free to go on our own for lunch. Bill and I opted for Thai food surrounded by students in this university town.

Another walking tour after lunch took us through the magnificent St. Gatien's (Martin) Cathedral. 

On our way to the Novotel Amboise, our bus driver took a detour so we may see the facade of a most beautiful castle: Château D'Amboise.

It was good to relax in our room, window open...sun shinning in, for a short while before a quick group dinner in the hotel.

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