Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Au Revoir La France

Such a civilized end to our journey; no alarm, leisurely morning chatting with an Aussie stranger over a beautiful breakfast buffet, short stroll to the airport, simple but efficient security and painless border control. The airport employees all wear an uplifting shade of peach, which also matches the commode fixtures at Charles de Gaulle airport. The French are all about the aesthetics.

We had an an amazing lunch at the airport with a final order of French fries for good measure. We are looking forward to resuming our protein shake diet at home.

After a slight delay, we landed at MIA close to schedule. A remotely familiar couple from the cruise and flight hitched a ride with us to Marco. Two more hours of chatting. I'm tired of making conversation.😉

What a great trip! Thanks for following along. Here's a few random pictures. The French really are all about the aesthetics.

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