Monday, October 24, 2016

The Last Two Castles


After such comfortable accommodations on AmaDolce, two nights at the Novotel Amboise had the group anxious to move on. We gladly boarded the bus for the final day of touring.

The lovely ride along the Loire River was complemented by impressive residences and châteaux. The first stop, the massive Château  de Chambord, was the hunting castle of François 1 and an "architectural creation of genius." The enormity of the castle and grounds is obscenely decadent, especially considering it was a second home used primarily for leisure. It was an important site on this trip.

The second stop was was the Royal Château of Blois. Sadly, between the lowest temps of the trip and the miserable cold rain, we just wanted the tour to end and settle into the Pullman Hotel at Charles de Gaulle airport for tomorrow's departure. Enough!

The bus ride to Paris was long and slow but, nevertheless, warm and toasty. Rain complicated the journey. The Pullman hotel near the airport was a welcome sight. A beautiful, modern hotel with smiling staff and all the luxuries of home. We're almost home! 

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