Friday, June 23, 2017

Mountain Lakes: Zürich to Lucerne

The tour bus meandered through the Swiss countryside in route to Lucerne. The rolling green pastures, dotted with grazing cows, introduced scenery quite different from Zürich.

We passed through Zug and enjoyed the sights, albeit from the coach window. Zug is a bustling city surrounded by the shores of the sprawling Lake Zug, nestled in the mountains.

The Lake of the Four Forest Cantons, further on our ride through the Alps, was a magnificent shade of emerald blue. This is where the legend of William Tell originated. The bus dropped us at Vitznau, a port at the base of Mt. Rigi. We all enjoyed a sunny boat ride to Lucerne. The scenery from the land and water was breathtakingly spectacular in all directions.

We had a quick guided tour in Lucerne after lunch, which included a visit to the historically significant dead Lion Monument. A thoughtful carving in sandstone honoring courageous warriors and the mortality of all humans. Mark Twain allegedly called the Lion Monument "the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world."

The unseasonably hot weather is continuing its drain on our energy, but we are all trying to take in as much as we can! And stay hydrated.

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