Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cologne to Amsterdam

Dinner with the captain was very enjoyable. His crew was piloting the ship during our meal. We cruised overnight and docked in Amsterdam during lunch on Wednesday.

Buses were at the dock at 1:30pm for a guided tour of the city. We also had a guided tour on the canals where we had a quick look at the Anne Frank house.

A small group of us arranged for tickets to the Van Gogh museum afterwards. We hopped the #2 tram and found the museum to be quite inspiring, despite the massive crowds. It was the first rainy day of the trip and half the city seemed to be visiting the museum, too.

We took the tram back to Central Station, had a beer and famous French fries before the short walk to the ship for dinner.

Although we didn't ride bikes in Amsterdam, nearly a million other people did! Crazy mayhem!

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