Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weird Ass Wildlife in Florida

There are some seriously disturbing creatures in Florida. While camping at Lake Kissimmee State Park, I totally shrugged off the wanted-dead-or-alive-like posters alerting campers with a larger-than-life picture of a poisonous caterpillar lurking in the grounds. Meh. Me no worry.

Hours after my departure from the wilderness, while parked in the suburbs of Jacksonville, puttering around in the Airstream, I was startled to spot a slithering caterpillar in my galley. EW! Bill rescued me from death and removed the creature from my counter. Then, while getting ready for bed...ANOTHER CATERPILLAR SIGHTING on the wall in the camper! OH NO!

Thoughts of being eaten alive by poisonous caterpillars in my sleep kept me wide-eyed for a good part of the night.

UGH. I miss the younger, fearless adventurer I used to be.

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