Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Marshmallows and Bailey's

We woke to clear, dry skies in Columbia on Tuesday morning. The beautiful morning at camp revealed all the spring buds and cherry blossoms of the forest. After another leisurely start to the travel day, we were back on the highway at 9:30am.

Getting through D.C. is always first and foremost in the route decision and, again, we went with avoidance. With that, we meandered westerly through the hillsides of NC and Virginia before settling into camp at Natural Bridge, VA.

It's fun to get on the dinner prep early and enjoy the late afternoon with snacks with a beer. Our feast included lemon marinated grilled chicken, puréed cauliflower, steamed green beans and dilly coleslaw.

With the drought concerns in the southern states, it's nice to have a campfire again. We celebrated with toasted marshmallows and Bailey's on the rocks for dessert!

Such a lovely season to take a road trip.

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