Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hillsborough River State Park

Our last night on this fun little getaway was just north of Tampa as we worked our way home. We packed up camp in Destin and were on the road at 8am Wednesday. Who knew the Panhandle was in the central time zone? It's a big state and we drove over six hours with a little over three to go.

We booked the last campsite at Hillsborough online and we're happy to have a spot, but it is our least favorite park so far. It's old with lots of mature foliage, which is very pretty but that makes it dark. The sites are crammed in next to each other like a parking lot. No space between neighbors. Oh well, it's just one night. We heated our fabulous dinner leftovers on the campfire and tucked in early.

Our campsite is very close to the river and we came upon this big guy while walking Solo. See the gator on the bank next to the tree?

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