Friday, January 27, 2017

Fun Finale

Usually, on the way home from a road trip, we get into the must-get-home-ASAP mode. Thursday was different, however. Bill had a conference call at 10am, so we lingered around camp and enjoyed a slow morning with nature. We arranged to meet vacationing sister, Nancy and Terry, and blogson Will for lunch. At 2:15pm we pulled into a mutually convenient location in Bonita Springs, Doug's Seafood, and enjoyed a family reunion but not the disappointing meal. We sat in the RV and had a couple of beers in the parking lot (losers) before the last push home.
It was a good trip. We crossed the 10,000 mile mark. That's a lot of miles in 6 months. For the first time, we returned home with no major repair issues to take up with the dealer. Perhaps we have worked out all the RV kinks. 

The Airstream has been a fun mode of travel. We enhanced our overall experience with a major improvement: the RV Superbag. The Airstream bed is really comfy, but it was difficult and time consuming to make up every night because the mattress pad wouldn't stay put. There's no room under the bed for which the corners to adhere. The sheets get all bunched up as a result and the bed becomes lumpy with bedding. Bill discovered a solution: the RV Superbag. For what it is, I thought it was a little pricey, but after this trip, it's worth every penny. It's a custom made comforter on the bottom and another one on top with velcro sheets that attach to the comforters. There are three different weights: summer, winter and tropical. We used the winter weight on the bottom for extra cushioning and the summer on top for this trip. So easy and super comfy. The bag zips up for storage on three sides leaving the top open. It just lays on top of the bed and everything stays put. Nice addition.

It's always good to be home. Tune in soon for more adventures!

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