Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Twenty-Five Years of Marital Bliss

I'm not sure if the pounding in my chest is due to the high altitude or our wedding anniversary.

Feeling refreshed after our respite in a most unusual (bizarre) and historically significant La Andaluza Hosteria in Riobamba, we will continue our climb from 9000 feet today.

The rose petals in our room upon check-in last night had nothing to do with our celebration. We entered the rose production capital of Ecuador.

Today, I will carry the sweet card my sister, Mary Ann, sent on Friday as a reminder of all the adventures I've shared with my most amazing husband since our official Union on 7/7/90.


  1. Woke up thinking about you two. Happy Anniversary! I would say "have a great day", but you'll have another awesome day. Love the blog
    Be well. Love - The Shore Rogers

    1. Thanks! Thought of you both on the 7/5. Hope you had a toast!

  2. Happy anniversary... I haven't seen posts in awhile and was wondering where you were and what you were doing. Are you still going to our favorite Island ?

  3. Thanks, Joan. Still lovin' the our island.