Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pioneering Patty

Scared-of-a-mouse, Patty, totally rallied to become a fearless rainforest trailblazer on Saturday. The pioneering woman conquered her fear of heights by climbing up to the canopy and taking in the sights from the treetops.

We were both a little reluctant to go on a night hike in the jungle, but somehow we decided that together we can do this; and we did!

In the canoe, the stars above were simply majestic. A caiman hiding in the weeds, with glowing eyes peering out at us, scared the heck out of us as he bolted away from the approaching canoe. With hearts pounding, we entered the jungle with our husbands and two guides. It was pretty cool. We still haven't seen an anaconda, but we did see a tarantula, among other creepy crawlers.

A life-changing trip for all!

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